Sephora’s Lip Plumper Selection

A visit to Sephora’s website offers you a world of lip pumpers tailored your specifications. There are filters to help you choose what you want from the brand product including ingredient preferences, benefits which include either hydrating or plumping, price range, color family and the type of finish you want your product to have. That’s how encompassing Sephora can be with their various brand products. It is one of the most famous brand names with an abundance of different types of goods in amplifiers, sprays, plumpers and others. An example of one of the products is the city lips lip plumper. We will be taking a quick in-depth look at their plumper selection, the ingredients used, how it works and the reviews the product has received since its entry into the skincare market. Note that all opinions are mine and this is just a guide to knowing about the product, any criticism encountered in the course of the article is for the benefit of the consumer so they can go for the right choices based on a detailed breakdown of this product.


Sephora products and plumpers mainly offer hydration and mass volume to the lips by filling in between fine lines and also provide an icy cooling effect on the lips. It can be a prelude to other color applications or stand alone as lip plumping gloss. It can often be used as a makeup accessory for a quick night out. If you’re thinking of adding other lip products after using Sephora’s lip plumper, make sure to wait a good ten minutes before you do to avoid color contrast or finish of the additional products.


  • Hyaluronic Acid: Provides added hydration and volume by filling in fine lines.
  • Vitamins A, C, and E: Nurture lips.

Those are the main ingredient alongside twenty-four others! Sephora’s Lip Plumper Selection has twenty-six ingredients, and we all know when it comes to cosmetics, the more ingredients there are, the faster you should do away with that product. Of course, this doesn’t mean the product is harmful in any way but imagine a product with twenty-six ingredients on the label, that’s not something you see every day, is it?


Based on the reviews conducted by yours truly, it’s fair to say Sephora’s lip plumper selection has received mixed reviews. Most of the negative reviews have been borne of the fact that Sephora’s lip plumper only offer a tingling sensation on the lips that can be likened to ‘smoothing.’ The smell is another issue as it is claimed the mint scent on the products is used to mask the extremely thick petroleum smell probably based on the chemicals used. Stickiness is another issue; some interpret it as hydration while others find it plain annoying.  My honest opinion is that consumers new to the art of plumping should go with Dior or other products as it might not give the feel beginners are looking for. Long time advocates of plumpers gave positive reviews mostly centered on its lasting hydration and glossy feeling. This doesn’t however, interpret as plumping.