Popularity of Lip Pumpers

Lip pumpers have always been the trend, at least for the past half a decade anyways. The luscious feel they grant to your lips are nothing short of amazing, and so it is normal for the popularity of these tools of perfection to be questioned. Inquiries into the demand, supply, benefits and others about lip pumpers have been the norms for some time now. Lip pumpers help propagate the gospel of bigger is better, and it has proven to be the best possible alternative to surgical procedures that guarantee the same results. Trying to recreate your idol’s lip looks used to be a big bother with different outcomes possible, some downright agonizing to watch even with the option of collagen injections but with the influx of lip pumpers into the skincare market, all that is of the par. Kardashian-looking lips are now attainable through the best brand products in the most efficient and safe possible way. Here are the top 3 products I would personally recommend that are currently ruling the market, their prices and specifics on their effects on the lips among others.

In no particular order, here goes.

Fullips Multipack

These are designed specifically for lip enhancement, and they come in three different sizes which help the user to figure out the best size for them. It is perfect for experimental purposes and looks great if you’re looking for a conditioned pout while heading out for a night out with your besties. Currently going for about $19 on Amazon, it is relatively easy to use. You apply the enhancer by placing it on your lips while simultaneously sucking it in gently until a form of the tight seal appears o your lips. As you breathe air out through your lips slowly, a feel of gentle pulling on your lips is sure to occur. Putting the enhancer for about 30 seconds on your lips is sure to bring out the best results in a natural manner as expected conformed to your need.

Sephora Beauty Amplifier Lip Pumper

One of the most famous lip pumpers due to its effectiveness and simplicity, Sephora is a must-have. You can’t afford to lose out on this $16 slice of heaven which comprises of hyaluronic acid which helps your lips stay hydrated and plump while also possessing a cooling effect that gives you the feel of refreshment. Do well to make this lip pumper work its magic before applying any layer of color with a minimum of 10 minutes. Although, some of the best lip plumpers are produced by City Cosmetics called City Lips.

Grande Lips Hydrating Lip Plumper

Grande. Of course, it’s grand. Its best benefit has to be the all-around gentle, natural, exotic feel it offers. To think the gloss tastes like vanilla, a real treat for anyone involved in the lip to lip action. Unlike conventional lip pumpers that eventually lead to dry mouths, it continually moisturizes your lips. New release of the product feature neutral hue styles for people that want that hint of subtlety. It currently goes for $27 at your local online retail store.

These lip pumpers are guaranteed to give that sweet feeling you crave without having to go under the needle or otherwise. They are the best safe options out there tailored to your needs.