How to Keep your Lips Healthy

How to Keep your Lips Healthy

The common saying that goes ‘Lips are like sponges. They only look good wet’ is one which is very genuine and should be strictly abided by. You can always spot an unhealthy lip quickly. Shriveled, dry, cracked, blistered. Everything points to the lack of moisture when describing an unhygienic lip. The lip is the entry point for food intake, so it undergoes a lot of activity from being involved in sucking right down to salivating. You might have guessed as much, but the skin on the lip is thinner than on any other part of the body hence its fragility to bruises, weather and other conditions. With a little application of force or the wrong encounter with foreign materials, the lip can get easily scarred. You can use products such as the city lips plumper to keep your lips well nourished.
Realize that moisture is the first part of having healthy lips. Doing the needful to make sure your lips stay hydrated is the second part. Below is a list of essential steps to take to have plump lips and keep them that way:

Load Up On Fluids

Specifically water as this helps hydrate your entire body including your lips keeping them from being chapped. Loading up on fluids should always be the first on the list of anyone advising you on how to keep your lips healthy.

Stop Licking Your Lips

This doesn’t help the lips which I know go against every basic instinct you’re feeling. Spit is not a natural lubricant when it comes to keeping your lips healthy. It keeps it wet which isn’t necessarily the same thing. The protective layer on your lips succumbs when it is in contact with saliva, and it inevitably leads to dry lips which are why you’re always licking it intermittently.

Sugary Lips

Ha-ha, wait a minute now; it’s not what you think. Applying sugar to your lips from side to side for a few minutes as a form of exfoliation helps keep your lips in a healthy hygienic state. Using Vaseline is also another medium; you can lightly apply it on your lips after which you press your lips together for evenness. Moisturizing your lips in this manner helps during dry weather condition.

Lip Pumper Allies

The right pumper can work wonders in your quest to make and keep your lips healthy. Lip pumpers are effective ways to get pouty lips; they can be likened to lip augmentation techniques in a non-surgical manner. Be sure to go for a product which comprises of all natural ingredients. Lip pumpers aid blood circulation around the mouth region giving a feel of luscious lips.

Brush Your Lips

Yes, you read that right. I’ve tried this personally, and it works wonders. Of course, I expect you to use a different softer brush which you can use to rub your lips in a light but firm manner. Brushing must always be accompanied by applying lip balm to your lips afterward. Dead cells on the lips require a good scrubbing to get out, and that is what your lip brush offers.

The secret ingredient to making your lips look enticing is your smile. Great lips won’t get noticed if they aren’t accompanied with a lovely smile. I believe those tips will help your lips be the best they can be and of course, the compliments that are bound to come are a welcome plus.