How to Gain and Maintain Fuller Lips

Fuller is better seems to be the new trend when it comes to lips lately, and this appears to be a trend that is here to stay, from Kylie Jenner to your high school crush. It is very clear that the desire to have fuller lips is reigning presently and you would do well to get on the bandwagon too. Now, it is understood that not everyone has the means or the stomach to have their lips get fuller surgically so this is a lifesaver article that will be helping you gain and maintain fuller lips in the easiest and safest way possible. All of the tips to be shared in this article can be done in the privacy of your home and can be incorporated into your daily skincare regimen.

Here goes;

Moisturize Your Lips

Evidence of dry lips is always the lack of moisture. The first step to making your lips bigger is watering them by your intake of fluids. Keeping your body hydrated inadvertently affects your lips too and prevents cracking of the delicate skin around your mouth


You cannot go wrong with lotion as they act as synthetic lip pumpers. Balms can be likened to pout-enhancers, and for consumers who aren’t into chemical pumpers or fillers, balms possessing mint as their main ingredient can work wonders on the lip while helping blood circulation in the mouth region.

Brush Your Lips

You read it right the first time. Brushing your lips helps exfoliate dead cells from the skin surface as there are many pores that your hands can’t reach while cleaning. This helps your lips feel more sensuous and fuller.

Lip Exercises

These are hugely underrated factors that help tone up your facial muscles. Whistling along to your favorite song as loud as you can soften them that way which gives your lips an appearance and feel of being fuller.


The subtle trick of lip enhancement. It creates a faux shadow by giving your lower lip a bigger look among others. Neutral or bronze powders are suggested to be traced below the lower lip line. The effects can be quite magnificent if you manage to get it right.

Don’t Go Dark

Dark colors create an appearance of a flat mouth and I understand that it is probably confusing because of the contouring that I suggested should be shadow-like. A lighter shade around the center of your lips gives a significant diversification compared to the darker lower lip line which in turn provides your lip with an outlook of lusciousness.


The highlighting effect of gloss cannot be over emphasized. Natural light colors on your preferred gloss product can make your lips look plumper with just a few delicate dabs on the middle of your mouth.

The tips provided in this article are a sure thing because they have been tested and tried and now you also have this secret to use and share with your best buddies. Staying disciplined to these tips and not substituting them for chemical pumpers afford you the chance to gain fuller lips and sticking to these routines will help you maintain those full luscious lips you crave.