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City Lips Lip Plumper by City Cosmetics

City Lips is known for its guaranteed three-millimeter lips enhancement. It has been a rave for all classes of women for a while as being the go-to plumper with one of the best end results.City Lips The City Lips website boasts of ingredients absent in any other lip treatment product. Claiming to possess elements that are seamless to integrate into your natural collagen production, City Lips Lip Plumper appears to provide good value for its price. And why not? It has a proven track record with consumers backed by accolades and positive reviews in general. Purely Allure prides itself on finding the best prices on products. Get it through Amazon today.

Lip Plumper Advantages

The hyaluronic acid used in the product manufacturing. The acid helps to make your lips fuller while causing the lines on your lips to perform disappearing acts. Moisture is prioritized in this particular product, and long-term results are guaranteed based on the information provided on the City Lips website. It is often described as revolutionary, because of its use of clinically proven natural enhancers.

The soft brush it contains gives the most accurate application possible. The effect of this product has to be proven medically and clinically to help the lips to become fuller and smoother within minutes. If that’s not impressive then what is? This same product provides hydration with an effect that lasts for an extended period. Continued application of the product ensures a longer lasting full lip effect. Add any color on your lips after applying City Lips. It has a multitude of colors to choose from. Finally, City Lips recommends users wait for two minutes before applying any other additional product to bring out the best of City Lips. A direct application to areas which is how the Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector works.Plump Lips

Allowing for excitement in feeling you might just have found the right product to give your lips that kissable feeling. This makes us ask the question of how the City Lips Lip Plumper product works. The ingredients used, price, pros and cons based on proper research done to highlight it’s features. 


How It Works

City Lips lip plumper works on the lips in a seamlessly painless manner. It achieves that by imparting a full range of oligopeptide technology mixed with a unique blend of amino acid. Celadrin which is one of the potent ingredients. Next this product acts as an anti-inflammatory agent working against lip swelling and also works along with the peptides to cause the right flow of collagen. That makes the body bring out the best qualities of your lips’ skin. Between 2004 and 2006, the Good Housekeeping Institute enhanced the reputation of the product when it was declared the best lip plumper.

Ingredients Used

The ingredients used in creating City lips lip plumper makes it a trade secret. It helps it stay ahead of its competitors. The full range of the ingredients used is not offered on the product label. A few of the ones listed include Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides and Celadrin. They are regarded as effective ingredients. Among others, they offer the effect of moisturizing your skin. Collagen is aided by secretion and stimulation of elastin in the body giving it feeling of plump lips. This compliments great with other skin care products such as the Beverly Hills MD Lift and Firm Sculpting Cream.

Comparison With City Lips Competitors

With its focus on a product borne of technology and exclusivity of ingredients, it’s hard to fathom any other product is getting the better of City Lips.

But there are a few who are popular in the market and have consumers appreciation if not the quality. With a promise to deliver better and different results, City Lips lip plumper might seem like the biggest giant. The skincare industry has seen similar products and especially with lip plumpers.

The writer has gone to lengths to find out other products that stood a chance compared to City Lips Lip Plumper with the aim of comparing and contrasting.

  • Sandbox O-Plumper

    One of the best lip plumping products on the market, it is a worthy adversary to City Lips with its moisturizing effect. It doesn’t get sticky when applied leaving your lips with a fuller texture. It might pale in comparison to City Lips lip plumper. The quality of its ingredient as it does not possess the holy trinity of oligopeptides, Celadrin, and hyaluronic acid.


  • Apex Lip Plumper

    Its website is regarded as confident with pictures milking the before and after effects of the product. Consequently, Apex plump claims to have effects that are noteworthy at least twenty minutes after application. Accordingly, the product description mirrors the way City Lips lip plumper works too, with its action of increasing collagen and elastin. This helps slow down your aging process and inadvertently the skin around your lips. In turn, this reduces fine lines and other anomalies around the mouth region.

City Plumper Review

It’s clear to see that City Lips lip plumper might just be in a class of its own.  Except a select few, it is easily the best option for you. Also, City Lips skin safety is unquestioned. In turn, random testing and independent research done on the product. City Lips has does not have any adverse effect despite any medical condition.

Also, no animal trials are done processing of manufacturing the product so it is FDA approved. The simplicity and outright efficiency of this product make it endearing to the consumers.

City Lips acts more like a lip treatment product than your average plumper. Furthermore, it causes a complete rejuvenation of the lips instead of your basic plumping for a few hours. This gives it the edge over other product trending at the moment. Dry or harsh irritants are absent. For this reason, the image below shows City Lips’ qualities against its competitors.

Compared to other products, it is evident that City holds a significant lead ahead of its ‘rivals’ due to its detailed specifications into what the lips needs rather than what you think is best for your mouth. City Lips lip plumper offer beauty with protection. Lips feeling and looking plumper is a great look. Also, it is getting rid of fine lines, creases, and free of post-use irritants or sticky after feelings.City Lips Lip Plumper Checklist


Rare reviews are found on the City Lips lip plumper. Most have found them on rare website. Purely allure searches the web the best deals on products. Our Amazon partnership has come in handy. Also, the recommendation of a respected Beverly Hills doctors are sure to convince you of its authenticity in every bold claim the product manufacturer makes. Order today and give it a try at the lowest rate you’ll find on the web with free shipping from Amazon! 

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Updated review as of February 2018.

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