Beverly Hills MD Lift and Firm Sculpting Cream

Beverly Hills MD Lift and Firm Sculpting Cream

Lift and Firm CreamBeverly Hills MD Lift and Firm Sculpting Cream is an effective anti aging formula that lifts, tightens and firms the skin. It contains exclusive ingredients and amino acids that both work to diminish the appearance of fine lines and loose sagging skin. Thanks to our partnership, this miracle wonder is in a sleek white and silver cup can be bought exclusively with a $37 dollar off the original price at Purely Allure . This is a limited time offer due to it’s unique ingredients. This cream has been featured by some one the most reputable networks in the US.

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Lift and Firm Cream Ingredients

Active ingredients:

Progeline improves the skin’s natural elasticity by fighting free radicals and toxins that destroy the integrity of the skin.

Idealift separates this cream from the rest! Only produced in certain quantities exclusively for Beverly Hills MD. This makes the lift and firm cream available for a limited time. This unique component of Beverly Hills Lift and Firm Sculpting Cream contains unique proteins and peptide molecules that stimulate production of elastin. Elastin is a vital skin proteins fiber that supports skin structure making it firm.

Liftessence produces polysaccharides to create tension on the skin surface and make it firm causing tightening and lifting, naturally. New Zealand Tree Fern is where liftessence is extracted from.

Sculptessence acts as a filler in the skin and makes it smooth and firm.

Silk Peptides increases skin moisture, flexibility and tone.

Caviar Extract enhances rapid turnover and production of collagen fibers.

Other ingredients include: aloe vera butter, green tea extract, hydrolysed silk, oat extract, tree fern leaf extract, chamomile extract etc.

What Makes Lift + Firm Cream Different?

Lift + Firm Cream avoids drying and flaking because it does not contain crude components. Other products rely on collagen and elastin to penetrate the skin, by most products do not provide effective, lasting results. Idealift makes this a unique formula which causes lasting results by repairing the skin naturally.


Beverly Hills Cream: Best Use? Who is it for?


This product is recommended for all age groups. Younger women should use it to delay the onset of sagging and elasticity loss. Older women should use it to improve the presence of exciting wrinkles. Women can you use this on your face and neck. Beverly Hills MD Lift and Firm Cream also has been proven to be effective for the loose hanging skin under the arms.

Apply twice daily on the face and neck with your fingers. Massage gently in a circular motion. Also add to your night time regimen to enhance the skin’s natural night time regeneration process. Lift + firm cream targets 3 of the most common skin problems such as loss of elasticity, loss of collagen, and dullness.

Customer Reviews? Customers applaud the light weight feel of the cream and its instant tightening feel. The cream instantly absorbs into the skin leaving the skin soft and firm. It is not sticky or greasy. It has a light sweet fragrance and compliments well with natural lip plumpers. Consumers have noticed improvements in the neck, jaw, chin, and under the eyes. See the most recent reviews below.

Objective of Beverly Hills MD


Dr. John Layke (Right) is the man behind the cream. Unlike most lifting creams he wanted to created one that did not feel heavy and sticky. The goal was to make the lift and firm cream light weight so it doesn’t wear the skin down. Also this lifting cream doesn’t contain harsh ingredients like most lifting creams.

All of the ingredients are safe for sensitive skin. Beverly Hills Lift and Firm Cream has a refined technology that allows collagen and elastin penetrate skin layers and improve skin structure. It is suitable for all skin types and doesn’t cause dryness, oiliness or irritation to sensitive skin. Similar results are shown from the Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector.

The Lift and Firm Sculpting Cream absorbs into the skin instantly and gives a rapid tightening and firming feel to the skin. Purely Allure endorses the Beverly Hills Lift and Firm Cream as an effective moisturizer. In turn, this softens the skin while firming and toning it. Talk about an all in one combination! 

Beverly Hills Lift and Firm Cream’s active ingredients offers a complete restoration to aging skin. It enhances water retention, improves skin structure and maintains skin tension. The doctors behind this cream are proud to say they don’t test their products on animals. Both doctors adhere to a strict cruelty free and animal friendly practices.

Beverly Hills MD Cream Reviews


Below is Purely Allure’s review on the Beverly Hills MD Cream. Some of the most recent reviews of with customers who have used the Beverly Hills MD Lift and Firm Cream. Check out our other customer’s stories from 2017 here, comment are on the end of that page. Below we left Purely Allure’s review on the cream:

“One of the most effective creams that we’ve come across. What made us give this cream a chance was that it was basically risk free so even if we returned it empty we get our money back.

The results from this cream were quite impressive. We used it in a period of 4 weeks and we applied it as directed, twice daily. The formula is light while others feel heavy on the skin. Eye wrinkles is what we focus on which is a common problem area. Wrinkles and aging reduces was being reversed. In conclusion, this is one of the best skin care secrets we have found and would recommend it to anyone.

We loved the cream so much that we worked out a deal with Beverly Hills MD where we take $71 off the product. Originally, they are pricey. We wanted to offer a deal to the visitors of Purely Allure so we worked out a great offer. Their supply is made in quantities because of certain ingredients to it’s offered for limited times. Take advantage of this deal when it is available.

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Purely Allure is proud to offer a special 2017 deal of $37 dollars off to it’s visitors.  We’ve worked out a deal through Amazon. Give it a try before it’s gone.

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Updated review as of August 2017.

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