Doctors of Medicine Skin Care Research Findings

Doctors of Medicine Skin Care Research Findings

It is a very useful element to possess updated knowledge about the general thesis, research and findings currently ruling the doctors of skin care industry as this allow the primary user of products to stay enlightened while adding a glow to their facial and bodily features in the best and safest posse manner. Through this article, the aim is to do exactly that. Help the averagely interested cosmetician on the recent findings and how they affect the skincare industry, the market, and individuals. The top results will be summarized into the big two so no worries, this won’t take much of your valuable time. Coming right up, first in line is: 

• Sunscreen Causes Vitamin D Deficiency

Yikes! Bet you weren’t expecting that. Well, it so happens to be that vitamin D is an essential hormone for the body which is produced by the body’s exposure to sunlight. Spending time indoors is good, but when you spend your time outdoors, the human system expects the Vitamin D receptors to get as much sunlight as they can in a natural state because these receptors are all over the human body, so they contribute to a lot of functions and system working. When you rub sunscreen on your body believing you are doing your body a solid, you are hindering the receptors from getting much needed hormonal vitamins to the necessary areas. Change your ways, people.

• Retinoids Are The New Big Thing

Products containing retinoids are a must buy. It is that simple. Possessing a product with ingredients means you have no toleration for acne scars, fine lines, sun damage and wrinkles. I simply exfoliate the skin in record time. This soothing element combined with others in any typical vitamin A product is a lifesaver, or a face saver if you’re cute. Side effects such as redness, skin irritation aren’t applicable to this ingredient as it counteracts these which are commonly a part of vitamin A products. It is a consumer favorite regarding acne and anti-agingtreatment. Summary? Be sure to include products having retinol or retinoids concentrate in your skin care regimen as quickly as possible to get the desired results you’ve ben craving.

• A Scar-Free World

Yes, it is happening. Has been for a while and it is getting better. A Scar-Free World is one step further as researchers have created a Scar-Free pad which utilizes a combination of silicone gel and pressure therapy which moisturizes the scar, puts a form of protective foam layer suited to the shape and texture of the scar, a kind of skin to say and wham bam! You don’t have a scar anymore. Yes. It’s that easy. It offers the dual functionality of collusion while pressuring the scar. For now, it is guaranteed to treat forms of hypertrophic scars that might have been gotten from surgeries, burns, trauma incident and the likes.
These few breakthroughs and findings have been helpful and are sure to affect people’s lives in the best way imaginable.