Acne Struggle; How To Beat It.

Acne Struggle; How To Beat It.

Perhaps you used to think you were one of the lucky ones; you went through puberty, your teen years without any signs of it on your beautiful face or body. Then suddenly it hit you like a storm. That disfiguring condition with a not-so-pretty name: Acne.

Acne isn’t some random frequent pimples or spots type of skin irritation that comes and goes in a cute way. It is a severe condition that keeps people in beds, lowers self-esteem and generally, just a downer. Nobody wants to be a victim, but inevitably just like every other medical condition in the world, it happens to some people. If you are a victim or reading this on behalf of a loved one, you are reading the right material for great skin. And I can guarantee that you are one step closer to defeating that menace trying to scourge you. First off, one important factor that plays a huge role in acne removal and even getting it is your diet. Yes, you read that right. It is not merely a case of the wrong skin product every time even if that can trigger an already existing minimal condition present in your body. Filling up on dairy goods or the right (wrong) amount of unprocessed junk food can trigger acne all over your precious skin. So fix up on that end for your good. I will be introducing you to the top 3 ways to tackle acne, and they are relatively easy tips.

First off:

Daily Skin Care

A common mistake made by people after taking their bath is trying to get as dry as possible. Acne has an ally in dry skin. While drying yourself, be sure to pat your face, not scrub it. Patting instead of rubbing allows for adequate moisture to envelop the skin on your face which is a turnoff for lurking acne filled cells trying to take control of your face. Wash your face twice daily at most with your hands and preferably a baby wash cloth as they are gentler on the skin compared to the average adult washcloth.


Hormones found commonly in men and to a lesser degree in women are also huge factors when treating acne. Prescription medication affecting hormonal levels can help with reducing acne significantly. Birth pills can be discussed with your dermatologist as they have shown to qualify as acne treatment aids. Aldactone, Isotretinoin and other antibiotics are massive combatants when it comes to fighting acne. Make sure to seek your doctor’s opinions about medications.

Stop Spot-Treating

A common mistake is trying to spot-treat evidence of skin irritation. Applying acne medication to a particularly visible area or a big pimple isn’t the right solution to treating acne as you will end playing catch up for a long time with acne breakout guaranteed to occur frequently with this technique. Others hiding below the surface will do well to avoid the areas which you’re focusing on, and this will inadvertently cause you to get discouraged or worse.


Pure Allure honestly believe if these tips are strictly adhered to, they are a step in the right direction and are guaranteed to work wonders after a few days/weeks of trial. Acne can be beaten. Easily.