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Purely Allure is here to provide a reputable source for skin care which aims to provide the best anti aging products to fight the battle against wrinkles and loose skin. There are multiple sources which do not dedicate the time other than a small description and fail to go into detail on skin care products.

Achieve Clear SkinThe goal here is to suggest effective products and go into exact detail through research and why they will help to add them to your skin care routine. Clear skin is what we want every woman (and man) wants to achieve. We will take some of the most trendy and popular products and give them a unique review in detail.

Hopefully by building relationships, provide discounted products to our loyal customers. We’re here to share ideas, reviews, articles, and discounts! Check out our blog. We want our foot in the door to the providing actionable information to fix damaged skin. Let Purely Allure be your solution too keep your face looking healthy, smooth, and young!


Causes and Problems of Loose Skin and Wrinkles


The skin is kept firm by matrices of collagen fibers, protein and locked up water molecules. Do you have wrinkles, fine lines and patches on your skin? Here are the top likely causes:

Increasing Age

When we get older, our body slows down in almost all its functions. Unfortunately skin turnover also slows down. It takes longer for the body to produce and deposit collagen, elastin and other vital skin proteins. Also the body takes more time to neutralize and eliminate the free radicals that attack the skin cells. The more we age, the less sebum we secrete, the drier our skin.

Sun Exposure

Sun emits ultraviolet rays which attack antioxidants in the skin, denature the protein in the skin, and even alter the genetic make up of skin cells. Ultra violet rays are powerful free radicals that attack just about any organic material in the body. Dark spots are a common problem cause by sun exposure. Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector is a great all around anti aging skin care product. This can be used all over the body to diminish dark circles.

Skin Care Before and After
Dry Skin

There are so many causes of dry skin; excess exfoliation, inadequate moisturization, use of harsh soaps and creams, excessive washing of the skin, having a naturally dry skin, poor clothing in winter season, and even occupational factors like working with heat, smoke, fumes, and fire all contribute to depletion of water content and protein in the skin.


Insufficient intake of proteins, vitamins, fats and oil and even carbohydrate cause skin aging. Nutrients in such foods are used to make the necessary components that keep skin healthy and firm.


Insufficient water intake is an important cause of skin aging. Remember that water molecules are stored in the skin cells to keep them elastic and firm. Dehydration depletes the water content in the skin and makes the skin sag, dry and wrinkled. Also excess alcohol intake, excessive coffee intake, and even excess consumption of sweetened beverages cause dehydration.

Lack of Exercise: it is no news that exercise improves blood circulation. When you exercise, the capillaries under the skin dilate to improve circulation and dissipate heat. This causes us to sweat. Fortunately the increased circulation carries free radicals and toxins to their points of elimination. A sedentary life style favors build up of toxins and free radicals under the skin and this causes skin aging.

Abuse of Topical Steroids

Chronic use of topical steroids to lighten the skin is disastrous. The complications of doing so are endless; cellulite, sun burn, cataracts, diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, the list goes on. Topical steroids alter the structure of collagen and elastin and other skin fibers, they atrophy skin cells, and reduce immune response to free radicals also toxins and skin infections. All these contribute to skin aging.

Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol is metabolized by the liver and excreted by the kidneys. Unfortunately the metabolism and excretory process is a slow one. Chronic alcohol intake and excessive alcohol intake causes a build up of toxins, free radicals that attacks the proteins in the skin.

Cigarette Smoking

Nicotine is also a toxin that destroys not only the lungs but also the skin. Nicotine intake gives the skin a dry, ashen and dull appearance.

Skin Disorders

Skin disorders of interest include cutis laxa, ichthyosis vulgaris, eczema, psoriasis, lichen plants to name a few. Most of these are chronic inflammatory skin diseases that make skin dry, itchy, irritable and wrinkled.


Anti Wrinkles: Rejuvenating Creams and Masks


Wrinkles, lines and patches are not attractive. If not why do people spend thousands of dollars to remove them? Fortunately, here is a list of cost effective ways to battle skin aging:

Papaya Mask

Papaya Mask

Papaya contains papain, an enzyme and powerful antioxidant that breaks down free radicals from sun and wind exposure. Apart from destroying free radicals, papaya mask hydrates, smooths, and firms the skin instantly.
Get a Papaya Mask Now:
What you will need:
1/4 ripe papaya
A teaspoon of lemon juice.
– Cut the papaya into a blender
– Blend into a smoothie
– Add a teaspoon of lemon juice.
– Apply on the face and neck, leave for fifteen minutes, wash off and pat face dry.


Cucumber Cleanser

Cucumber Mask

Cucumber contains powerful antioxidants that destroy free radicals. Also its rich water content hydrates the skin and makes it firm.
Have a Cucumber Cleanser Now:
– Cut a cucumber into thick slices.
– Rub slices all over your face.
– Leave overnight and wash off the next morning.
– Do this daily.



Oat and Milk Body Scrub

Oaks and Milk Body Scrub
Oat is rich in fiber. The roughness of the fiber make oats an awesome exfoliate. Plus its organic, mild and rich in vitamins. You can also give yourself a double treat by mixing the oats with milk. Milk moisturizes and also exfoliates because it contains lactic acid.
Get an Oat and Milk Body Scrub Now.
– Mix three tablespoons of oats and two teaspoons of milk together.
-Mix thoroughly with water.
– Rub on your face and body and massage gently in circular motions.
– Leave for fifteen minutes the rinse off.
– Pat dry gently.


Beverly Hills MD Lift and Firm Cream

This is a miracle working anti aging wonder! It contains exclusive ingredients and amino acids that lifts, firms and tones skin. The Lift and Firm Cream is also light weight, non irritating and gives an instant tightening feel. It also has a refined technology for effective penetration of elastin and collagen, disappearance of fine lines and firming of loose sagging skin. What’s even better, this is one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets. Now you, yes you, have the inside scoop! Take advantage of our partnership with an exclusive deal below.

Is Beverly Hills Lift and Firm Sculpting Cream an effective anti aging cream?
– This sleek magic in a bottle can be bought exclusively at PureAllure.com.
– Apply with tips of fingers and massage lightly in a circular motion.
– Use twice daily.
-Also use at night to enhance the skin’s natural night time regeneration process.

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Jergens Skin Firming and Toning Moisturizer

We love this product at Purely Allure because Jergens is a household brand and most of their products are affordable, and effective too! Awesome.
This cream offers a three in one combo in a bottle; it tones skin color, firms the skin and also moisturizes it. I mean how lucky can a girl get?
Get a Jergens Skin Firming and Toning Moisturizer Now:
– This cost friendly miracle is popular in most stores in America.
– Apply all over body twice daily.
– Take time to massage thoroughly and gently into skin.


Popular Sites for Skin Rejuvenating Products


Thanks to the internet, there is a wealth of beauty advice available. But how do you know which is effective and which isn’t? For the best beauty advice, here is a list of top cosmeceuticals and beauty consultants.

Bevelry Hills MD Logo

Beverly Hills MD

Beverly Hills MD is a top choice for most people because of their accessibility online. This cosmeceutical provides a range of effective and accessible skin care treatments. This product line offers new and refined technology to help people look their best. What makes Beverly Hills a top choice? Well Beverly Hills MD boasts of years of experience in plastic and cosmetic surgery, development of revolutionary technology and most importantly, production of non irritating formulas. Its products include the Dark Spot Corrector, Lift and Firm Cream, Wrinkles Repair Night Treatment, Dark Circle Corrector, Line Smoothening Cream, Dermal Repair Complex and a whole range of others.
We believe what makes Beverly Hills MD a favorite cosmeceutical is the time and effort put in refining the technology of skin care.

Dr Levy Logo


Dr. LEVY boasts of an intense stem line manufactured in Switzerland, the Dermal stem cell reservoir. This technology activates regeneration of stem cells in the skin and in a way reverses the aging process. Genius! Their exclusive patented formula, ArganCellActiv, stimulates both dermal and epidermal cell growth. This formula also has deep penetrating antioxidants, peptides and moisturizers to reduce fine lines, Wrinkles and other signs of aging. Popular products are the Intense Stem Cell booster serum, enriched booster and booster Cream.

AlphaH Logo

Alpha H:

Alpha H offers skin care solutions for skin aging. This global phenomenon is proudly Australian and is considered a world wide leader in skin care. What makes Alpha H stand out is their passion and commitment to achieving clinical results in as little time as possible. This is done through use of concentrated, effective and safe ingredients with improved skin technology. The products are easy to use and free from complicated beauty routines. Alpha H is a known pioneer in exfoliation and skin resurfacing. It’s patent skin resurfacing treatment, liquid Gold, is a trademark success and genius. Also its brand owner Michelle Doherty, is a success story after successfully treating her chronic acne with Alpha H.

Alpha H is known for positive reviews in popular beauty and fashion magazines like Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Bazaar, Glamour, Cleo and Women’s Weekly. This cosmeceutical is a known brands in effective glycolic acid technology in skin resurfacing and exfoliation. For over two decades Alpha H takes the lead in concentrated, quick and safe therapies.

Ultraceuticals Logo


This is also an Australian cosmeceutical with a leading global brand. Ultraceuticals boasts of sophisticated and patented technologies for maximum delivery to reveal clear firm youthful skin. It also boasts of a team of both Australian and international researchers who are up to date on latest skin care technologies and improvements. Ultraceuticals is owned by Dr Geoffrey Heber, a renowned and brilliant cosmetic physician with years of experience. Ultraceuticals is also known for zero tolerance to animal testing and has been accredited with 100% cruelty free by the Choose Cruelty Free association. They are passionate in providing answers to important skin problems like; aging, hyper-pigmentation and acne. Some important anti aging range include: Ultra A range, which uses retinal to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


Murad is a global cosmeceutical founded by Dr. Howard Murad, a renowned dermatologist who is passionate about skin health. He is dubbed “father of internal skincare.” This is because of his pioneering efforts in using dietary supplements to improve skin health. Murad boasts of over 25 years of innovation and inspiration in skin care. A popular products is the Invisibular Perfecting Shield, a five in one technology that blurs, primes, protects and moisturizes for a clean youthful look.

Stay Vibrant: Anti Aging Skin Care Regimen


Your skin says alot about you. A dull sallow skin is a product of poor routines and a healthy bright skin is a product of a sound skin care routine. In creating a skin routine, don’t forget to add these basics:


Cleanse Face DailyCleanse

Start by wash your skin regularly to remove dirt, oil and residue. Wash your skin with a mild soap and soft wash cloth or soap. Avoid coarse wash clothes, and also avoid scrubbing too hard. Some think the harder they scrub the more dirt they remove. This is not true. When you scrub too hard you irritate and bruise the skin. All these cause wrinkles in the future. It is not advisable to wash the skin excessively as this strips the skin of its natural oil. Avoid harsh soaps that sting and irritate. Alcohol based cleansers are not advisable for people with dry skin. Avoid
bathing with very hot or scalding water. Good cleansers are generally made of natural ingredients like milk, rose water, aloes, to name a few of Purely Allure’s favorite is a milk based cleanser.



The turn over rate of skin cells are probably the fastest of all the cells in the body. New cells are formed underneath and pushed up. The dead cells on the top layer make the skin rough and dull. Naturally the skin sheds off these dead cells but you can hasten the process through exfoliation. I usually advise people to exfoliate once a
day, and at night too. The idea is to wash off the dead cells along with the dirt and grime layered by sun and wind exposure. Excess exfoliation does more harm than good, leaving the skin raw, red and dry. It is also advisable to exfoliate with quality products which are usually made from extracts of natural fruits like; citrus, apple, grapes, apricot seeds, avocado seeds and paw paw.



Moisturize daily after bathing. When we cleanse and exfoliate we strip our skin of its natural oils and lubricants. We moisturize to add what was lost. Good moisturizers have an equal proportion of oil and water. Too oily moisturizers sit on the skin and clog the pores. Avoid heavy moisturization. No matter how much of it we use, the skin absorbs only what it needs, and the rest sit on the skin and clog the pores. moisturize as soon as you step out of the shower, when your skin is slightly damp. Take time massaging the skin in a circular fashion to allow good penetration. People with oily skin should favor water based moisturizers. Don’t forget your lips!Keep your skin clear


Sun protection

Sun screens are never over rated, do not go out without wearing one. They block ultraviolet rays by scattering them away from the skin surface. Wear creams and foundations of SPF30 and above. Use hats, scarves, sun shades and umbrellas when staying under the sun for long. You are not only protecting your skin from aging fast but also from skin cancers.



Your skin is a product of what you eat and drink. Drink lots of water and avoid drinks that cause dehydration: coffee, heavily sweetened beverages and alcohol. Do not starve your self as some do when they embark on weight loss diets. Instead, avoid junk food as much as you can. Then, Eat lots of fruits and vegetables but don’t forget to add proteins, fats and oil and even carbohydrates to your diet.

Once you have a routine down and then add a anti aging cream, you will start to see great results in the rejuvenation of your skin by reducing wrinkles. We want to provide quality reviews, articles, products to where people find Purely Allure as a great source for anti aging skin care.

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